Total Domination

Battle calculator
Battle calculator for a game 'Total Domination'. Calculate the number of troops to victory, their capacity, the total attack. Battle calculator
Clan Ranking
Clan Ranking Clans allow players to unite their Allies in a well-organized command structure with one name, banner, and hierarchy.

Each member of a Clan is given their own credentials, duties, and responsibilities within the group.
Campaign Missions
Engage Campaign Mission Infested Sites in order to acquire exclusive new Units and unlock new chapters of the campaign storyline.
Artifacts impact different attributes for your Units and Sector. Fight enemies, capture and control Warp Gates, Pits, Marauder Bays or ISS to acquire new Artifacts. Build an Artifact Facility to store and use the Artifacts you find. Construct the Industrial Syndicate to locate and capture different Artifact sites throughout the Map.
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