• Global Operations
  • Protocrystals
    You can only earn Protocrystals by completing Global Tournaments. You cannot purchase them using Titanium, Uranium, Credits, or Crystals. You also cannot exchange them or send them as a gift to other players. Other players can't raid Protocrystals from your Sector. You can use Protocrystals to purchase unique Modules that are required to train Xenotype Units. Once you've collected enough Protocrystals, go to the Black Market, open the "Protocrystals" tab, and select the Item you wish to purchase.

    Check the Black Market to view the full list of Items and Sector improvements you are able to purchase.
  • Campaign Missions
    Attack and defend Infested Sites to unlock new optional Campaign Locations, uncover the Wasteland's history, and get exclusive rewards. There are a total of 24 Missions in a Campaign. By completing these Campaign Missions you will have the capability to:

    - Receive the new Imperial Class of Units for your Army. These advanced Units have increased speed and effectiveness, coupled with reduced Credit Consumption in comparison to the regular variants.

    - Gain access to exclusive new storyline content.

    - Earn experience points.

    - Acquire Fleet Battle Group Units, and much more!


    Upon successfully completing their first Level 5 Infestation, all players will gain access to the first Campaign Mission in the new "Missions" tab on the Radar interface. Each Campaign Mission will require engaging and destroying special Mission Infestations. These are highlighted in YELLOW under the "Infestations" tab of your Radar.

    Each Mission can be played twice - once with Offensive, once with Defensive forces. However, the Mission is automatically complete after the first successful engagement, and playing the second time is entirely optional. Unlock additional Campaign Missions by defeating increasingly higher levels of regular Infestations. Once completed, you will find your previous Missions by scrolling all the way to the right side on the Radar interface.
  • Unlocking New Campaign Missions
    To unlock further Campaign Missions, you must complete the indicated Infestation missions, located on the Radar Interface. Go to your Radar and select the "Missions" tab to see how to unlock further Missions.
  • Mercenary Operations
    Mercenary Operations are Daily Missions which offer guaranteed rewards if accepted. Participation is optional and requires no in-game combat action or expenditure of Units or Resources.

    You will be receiving offers from Operative Talia directly.

    Note: Mercenary Operations offers will expire if not accepted within the given hours.

    To participate in Mercenary Operations, click the "Mercenary Operations" icon, choose the Operation you want to complete and click "Accept". After a designated period of time the Op will automatically be completed. Upon completion, click "Claim Reward" to collect your payment. You may also use Crystals to reduce the completion time of a Mercenary Operation by clicking the "Boost" button.

    There are 3 categories of Mercenary Operations:

    1. Individual – every Commander can participate in these Operations.
    2. Clan – only Clan members are allowed to join these Mercenary Ops.
    3. Echelon - Activate your Echelon Status to participate in Echelon Mercenary Operations.

    Within each Mercenary Operation category, all Ops will fall under one of 5 classifications:

    - Class I Operations
    - Class II Operations
    - Class III Operations
    - Class IV Operations
    - Class V Operations

    Each Operational Class differs by completion time and rarity. The higher the level of an Operation, the larger the reward you will receive for its completion.