• Overview
    The Emitter feature adds an entirely new dimension to the Clan warfare currently raging across the Wasteland. The stakes are now higher than simply bragging rights. A Clan's discipline and coordination are now shown with a direct visualization of their political influence on the Imperial Map as they secure and rebuild ancient Imperial Terraforming technology and consolidate their holdings.

    Teamwork will be key. Controlling and building Emitters is a task of such enormous scale that it can only be attempted by a highly-organized Clan of users. Join an existing Clan or create your own if you want to join the fight.

    Emitters can be found dispersed throughout the Imperial Map. They may be heavily defended by Stalkers, Mutants, and the occupying forces of rival Clans – so attempting a successful attack will require careful planning and execution.

    Any Clan that occupies an Emitter will have to defend it from increasingly powerful waves of Mutant hordes. With each successful defensive battle against the Mutants, your forces will extract and store Antigen from fallen Mutants within the Emitter. This can be then be used to convert your forces into powerful A-Mutants. A-Mutants boast considerably higher defensive and offensive statistics, in addition to costing far less to maintain than your regular forces. Once an Emitter is taken, it must be upgraded and powered. You can increase an Emitter's Defensive Bonus against attacks; its overall Antigen collection efficiency; its Antigen Storage capacity; and the range of Unit types it can A-Mutate by upgrading it and supplying it with additional Antigen.
  • Emitter Range
    The extent of influence an Emitter has on surrounding territory is determined by the Emitter's Range. This is calculated according to its power, upgrade level, and proximity to adjoining Emitters controlled by the same clan. This means that two Emitters of identical power and upgrade levels can have different Ranges. If an Emitter is positioned adjacent to one or more Emitters owned by the same Clan, it receives an Output Bonus and range boost - so try and capture as many adjoining Emitters as possible. The total output of all Emitters controlled by your Clan will be the sole factor determining your Clan's position in the Clan Rankings and influence on the game map.
  • Upgrading Emitters
    Once a Clan has captured an Emitter, its members must pool their resources towards upgrading it. Every Clan member can contribute resources towards the Emitter's next upgrade level. The progress bar will display the Clan's collected contribution in demarcations from 20,000 to 50,000 Resources of any type. Once the progress bar is full, the Emitter will upgrade to the next level and its range and power will increase. A captured Clan Emitter will lose 1 Level upon capture from a rival Clan. If the losing Clan reclaims this Emitter within 60 minutes though, the Level will return to the pre-raid level.

    Go to the Embassy and open the "Emitters" tab to control the Emitter you captured. If you succeed, your Troops will capture the Emitter and you'll be able to view its info at the Command Center. You can get information about your Clans' Emitters in the Combat Advisor's reports. The trade Advisor will inform you on Resource deliveries to the Emitter.
  • Imperial Map
    The Imperial Map is a new scale on the game Map that displays Clans according to their political influence. To view the Imperial Map, go to the Map and select one of the scale buttons in the upper right corner of the screen (just below the "Sector" button).

    Clan Leaders or Deputies can designate the combatant status of other Clans from the "Clans" tab at the Embassy. Find the Clan you wish to designate from the Clan list, then mark them as either Neutral, Enemy, or Allied. Once you've changed a Clan's status, it will be reflected on the Imperial Map with an appropriate icon for all your Clan members.

    Captured Emitters will appear on the Map with the occupying Clan's logo.
  • Emitter Interaction (Map)
    Position your cursor over an Emitter on the Imperial Map to choose from a set of possible actions:

    "Info" - Opens the Emitter Stats Window and offers you the following tree tabs (if this Emitter is controlled by your Clan):

    "Emitter" where you can :
    - Send additional Resources and check the Emitter's upgrade progress
    - Monitor the amount of Antigen level your Clan recovers from fallen Mutants
    - Redistribute Antigen to different Emitters (only for Clan Leaders, Deputies and Force Commanders)
    - View the Emitter's structural display

    "Garrisons" where you can:
    - Send reinforcements to an Emitter
    - View Troops currently guarding an Emitter
    - Open the "Emitter" tab at your Embassy

    "A-Mutation" where you can:
    - Select the number and type of Units for the A-Mutation protocol. Click A-Mutate to activate.
    - Review the Emitter's A-Mutation history

    "Send Reinforcements" - Select this option to send reinforcements to an Emitter. This option is only available for Emitters currently occupied by your Clan.

    "Capture" - Send a force to capture an Emitter.

    "Recon" - Attempt to Recon an Emitter.

    "Go to the Embassy" - Opens the Embassy window and allows you to view the stats of any Emitters your Clan currently controls by clicking the "Emitters" tab. You may also to send reinforcements to a desired Emitter from this window.

    Use the Navigation Panel or Mouse Scroll from the Imperial or Regular Map to view an Emitter's pop-up action menu.

    If an Emitter is captured by the Enemy, all surviving Troops guarding the Emitter will be returned to their Home Sectors
  • Emitter Interaction (Within Sector)
    To control an Emitter from the Embassy, your Clan must have captured at least one Emitter on the map. Once you have control of one or more Emitters, go to the Embassy and open the «Emitter» tab. From here you can view information on the number and type of Troops currently Garrisoned at any Emitter occupied by your Clan. Deputies and Force Commanders can also use this interface to redistribute Antigen between their Emitters. Click on the Emitter's icon to view the Emitter on the Map. Click the blue button in the right-hand part on the screen to open the Emitter's stats window. From here you can add Resources towards its next upgrade level or resupply its Antigen. The Emitter control window is available at the Embassy only if you have already joined an existing Clan, or created your own.

    You will receive battle reports on your Clan's Emitters from your Combat Advisors' reports. Your Trade Advisor will keep you informed on Resource deliveries between your Sector and your Clan's Emitters.

    To control Reinforcements garrisoned at your Clan's Emitters, open the «Garrisons» tab. From here you can view, reinforce, or recall any Reinforcements you have stationed at Emitters captured by your Clan.