Tech Nexus

  • Overview - Tech Nexus/Tech Nodes
    Tech Nexus
    The Tech Nexus allows your engineers to use Tech Nodes to customize the speed, production time, and overall credit consumption of your units. To get started, go to the "Construction" tab and build the Tech Nexus.

    Tech Nodes
    Tech Nodes are interchangeable data components that allow you to upgrade your units. You will automatically receive Tech Nodes with every higher Experience Level that you reach in the game. The number of Nodes received per level-up will increase over time:

    Levels 16 – 30/ 2 Nodes
    Levels 31 – 60/ 4 Nodes
    Levels 61 – 75/ 6 Nodes
    Levels 76 + /8 Nodes

    You can also earn extra Tech Nodes by completing successively higher Infestation Levels. Tech Nodes CANNOT be bought at the Black Market, given as gifts, or traded. Tech Nodes have been applied retroactively to reflect your current Experience Level and Infestation progress.
  • Applying Tech Nodes
    Click the Tech Nexus to access the Node Tree. On the tree you will see all production-line TD units divided into Unit Sets. In order to unlock different unit attributes and branches of the Node Tree, you must progress through each Unit Set sequentially. To get started, use two of your Tech Nodes to unlock Unit Set 1 by clicking the "Upgrade Unit Set I" button twice. You'll notice that applying each node takes time – this time will increase with each additional node you apply to a Unit.

    Once you've unlocked access to Unit Set II, you must upgrade each unit's speed to Augmentation Level 8 before moving on to the next. (This will increase to Level 10 for Unit Sets IV and V.) Once you have upgraded all Units to Level 8, you can unlock access to Unit Set II. Now you have a choice between working your way through the next Unit Set, reducing the production time of Unit Set I, or going back and continuing to upgrade the speed of your unlocked units.
  • Editing Tech Nodes
    IMPORTANT! Once you've applied your Tech Nodes, you only get ONE chance to remove them for free. To remove a Tech Node, click the "Edit" button at the top of the Node Tree, and then click the "-" symbol next to the Node you want to recover. When in Editing Mode, you may ONLY remove Tech Nodes you have applied and put them back in your Node bank. When you have recovered the Nodes you want, click "Apply" to make your changes permanent. You may now redistribute your recovered Tech Nodes as you would normally (this includes the wait time while they are being installed).

    After your one free edit, removing Tech Nodes will cost Crystals – and the price will increase each time. Take your time, and plan your upgrade strategy carefully!