• Mail Server
    You can send Messages to other players via the Mail Server.

    To send Messages to your Friends and Allies, Click "Mail" on the user menu.

    In the "Mail" window you'll find messages received from the General, your Friends, your Enemies, and your Allies. Here you will also find messages you have sent to other Commanders.

    To write a new message, click "Compose Message." You can choose whom to write to in the two tabs marked - "Friends" and "Clan".
    To write a Message to a friend, choose your Friend from the list, then type the text in the special Window. Next, click "Send."
    You can also send Messages to your Clanmates. Choose the "Clan" tab and choose the Clan Ranks which will receive your message. Next, click "Send to All."

    To be able to exchange messages with other players, go to your Map, place your cursor over the player's Sector and click the "Envelope" icon.

    Once you've done that, enter your message text and simply send it.

    You can also open the "Blacklist" tab to view the Commanders you've blocked.

    If you want to stop receiving communication from other users, add them to your "Blacklist". Messages from users on your "Blacklist" will be automatically deleted. To "Blacklist" another player, open your "Mail" window and click the "Block user" button.
  • Chat
    You can send messages to other online players in real-time using the game's Chat function. To use Chat, click on the "Chat" button on the right side of your Friends Panel. You can interact with other Commanders from the Chat interface by clicking on another Commander's name and choosing a desired action (Open Profile, Send Letter, Blacklist, Add to Contacts) from the pop-up menu. To send a chat message simply enter text and click the "Send" button.

    There are 2 chat tabs: Regional Chat (where you can converse with other Commanders running on your Frequency) and Clan Chat (where you can plan coordinated attacks, resolve clan business, plan attacks, etc.).
  • UTC Clock
    UNIVERSAL TACTICAL CHRONOMETER (UTC Clock) will help you coordinate your movements with other Commanders. To use this feature:

    Place your cursor over the green analog clock icon mounted on the top-left corner of your Friends/Chat bar. NOTE: All advisors reports will still be tagged with your local time.
  • Ranking
    To view your Ranking against the other players, click «Rankings» from the user menu.

    Global Ranking displays your position against all the users that play «Total Domination».

    The Friends Ranking shows your position among all your Friends that play «Total Domination».

    Rankings are divided into Hall of Fame, Winners, and Current Ranking according to level of importance.

    Hall of Fame displays the names of all players to ever place in the Weekly Rankings.

    Winners displays names of players who took top positions last week.

    Current Ranking shows the current players relative positions.

    There are 6 types of Rankings:

    Offense - ranks the players who defeated the largest number of enemy Troops while attacking other Sectors. Defense – ranks the players who defeated the largest number of enemy Troops while defending their own Sectors. Raid - ranks players who seized the largest amount of Resources when raiding other Sectors. Invasion – ranks players who invaded the highest number of Sectors. Infestations - ranks players by who has successfully engaged the most offensive or defensive Infestations. Tribute - ranks players who have seized the greatest amount of Resources while Invading other Sectors.
  • Experience
    You get Experience Points for defeating Enemy's Troops, researching Technologies, constructing and upgrading buildings.

    Once you've got required number of Experience Points, you level up. Each new level gets you Crystals.

    To find out how many Experience Points you get for researching Technologies and constructing buildings, open Technology window in Tech Tree or view info about the building in «Construction».

    Experience progress bar is on the top menu.

    Your level also shows your progress in the game.

    Other players can see your level when they go to your Sector.

    You can see other players' levels if you go to their Sectors.
  • Map
    To go to the Map, click «Map» from the User menu.

    To go home, click «Home» from the Map or Sector menu, or click twice on your Sector or user picture in your Friend List.

    You can scroll across the Map in 3 ways:

    1. Click and drag the Map with your mouse. (Sliding mode).
    2. Use the arrows on the bottom menu.
    3. Enter coordinates in the bottom right corner of the Map and click «Go».

    All Sectors have corresponding x coordinates (number on the left side of the screen) and y coordinates (number at the bottom of the screen).

    Place your mouse over any player's Sector and you will see the coordinates below its name.
  • Tracking Troops and Caravans
    Place your cursor over another player's Sector to find out the distance between your Sectors. The bigger the distance, the more time it takes your Caravans and Troops to travel between Sectors.

    You can view each Unit's speed at the building where the Unit is produced. Every Unit moves at a different speed.

    When tracking a unit, its average speed is displayed. When sending a Force made up of different units, the entire force moves at the rate of the slowest Unit. So if you're in a hurry, leave the slow ones behind.

    Caravan speed depends on your Transport Center's development level.

    Maximum traveling time for all Troops is 24 hours. The minimum time is 1 minute. The traveling time of Troops and Caravans moving between friendly Sectors is 24 times less than standard travel time.
  • Editing Sector and Perimeter
    To edit your Sector and Parade Ground, do the following:

    1. Position the cursor over your «Sector» to enable the «Edit» button.
    2. Click «Edit».
    3. Move or rotate objects however you like. Click the objects to rotate and drag them. Some objects can only move along the outside defensive perimeter (e.g. defensive buildings such as Walls) and cannot be installed inside the Sector. Some objects can be installed both on the outside and inside the Sector.
    4. After you've finished editing your Sector, click «Save».

    While editing your Sector's perimeter items, remember that there are 2 levels - lower (Walls, Towers and Gates) and upper (Gun Turrets, Missile Turrets etc.). Remember that Gun Turrets, Missile Turrets and Sensors can only be installed on Towers and Gates.
  • Settings
    You can control the Settings from the upper right corner of the screen.

    The Full Screen button enables full screen mode.

    Playing in full screen mode is the best way to enjoy the «Total Domination» gameplay experience.

    Sliding the Map button enables/disables click-and-drag Map sliding.

    The Music button enables/disables music in the game, and the Sound button enables/disables event and game sounds.
  • Profile
    You can access detailed information on other Commanders by accessing their profile. You can open a Commander's Profile by:

    1. Clicking on the player's profile photo and selecting the "Open Profile" option in the drop-down menu.
    2.Click on the "Chat" button, then click on the Commander's name and select the "Open Profile" option.
    3. Go to the Commander's Sector, and click "Open Profile" next to its Commander's name.

    A Commander's Profile provides info on:
    -general information about the player - designation, Champion Name and coordinates, user name, and current Level;
    - Rewards - general info about his accomplishments on the battlefield;
    - any Clan the Commander is currently a member of - by clicking on the Clan's logo you will be able to view it's description and terms;
    - player's Offense, Defense, Raid and Infestation points.
  • Achievements
    Click the "Achievements" button in the top left-hand corner of the screen to view your Medals. Construct and upgrade Buildings, collect Resource containers and Resources, or Research Technologies to gain more Medals and Crystals. Use the Hints next to each type of Medal to find out how you can earn one. Place your cursor over the question mark to read them. Open "Profile" from your Friend List to view their Medals.
  • Depository
    The Depository allows you to store Improvements you do not wish to deploy on your Sector grounds.

    The Depository is not a separate building - it has automatically been added as a new tab in your Editing menu.

    To send an Improvement to the Depository, click the "Edit" button in the top right-hand panel, then click on an Improvement. Here you will have several options: "Move", "Destroy", "Rotate" or "To Depository". Choose "To Depository" to move the Improvement from your Sector Grounds to your Depository.

    Go to the Depository to see the Improvements that you purchased but do not currently have deployed. (From the "Edit" menu click on "Depository"). Click "Move All to Depository" to move all currently deployed Improvements to the Depository. You may deploy these Improvements at your convenience.

    IMPORTANT! Improvement objects stored in the Depository WILL STILL BE INCLUDED in your total Sector Defense Bonus calculation along with any Improvements visible in your Sector.

    Please note that Improvements kept in your Depository will still be counted against the total amount of available space on your Sector grounds. If you use up all of your space, you may be unable to purchase additional Improvements or construct new Buildings.